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        For Yuexiu Financial Holdings, the year 2016 means “a giant leap”. The Company made progress while maintaining stability, steadily accumulated strength for sustainable development and grew assets size and total profit substantially. It made dramatic achievements in multiple areas, thus enhancing trust and confidence of investors in the Company and boosting the brand influence of the Company in the capital market.

        Yuexiu Financial Holdings just handed out an excellent transcript in 2016.

        -- The First Listed Local Financial Holding Platform in China

        In April of 2016, the company managed to raise 10 billion yuan for the acquisition of 100% equity of Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Holdings Group Co.,Ltd. through a private placement. Meanwhile it was transformed from department business alone to a two main business mode of “Finance + Department Store”. On August 1st , 2016, the company's security abbreviation was changed to "YXFHC" and became the first local financial holdings listed platform in China and achieved steady transition and smooth takeover. On April 27, it completed transfer of old shares. In the second half of that year, it completed reorganization of the board of directors, the board of supervisors and senior executives and other work, completely takeover the listed company.

        -- The First Time To Be Listed As One Of China’s Top 500 Listed Enterprises in Market Value.

        According to statistics on September 30, 2016, there were about 4,000 listed companies (including those listed overseas) all over the country. Yuexiu Financial Holdings (000987.SZ) ranked 319th among the top 500 listed enterprises of China in market value.

        The First Project Valued OverRMB10 billion yuan

        In December 2016, Yuexiu Financial Holdings announced the first major assets reorganization project valued overRMB10 billion Yuan. If the project was successful implemented, the comprehensive strength of Yuexiu Financial Holdings would greatly increase. The reorganization will pump up the net asset of the wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangzhou Securities, to overRMB15 billion Yuan.

        The First Guangzhou CBA Basketball Team

        In September 2016, Yuexiu Financial Holdings planned and set up the Long Lions Basketball Club, which was title sponsored by Guangzhou Securities. Guangzhou Securities Team is not only the first Guangzhou CBA basketball team in Guangzhou’s history, but also the first domestic CBA basketball team named by a securities trader. The team will become the sports icon of Guangzhou and contribute to the booming of sports in Guangzhou.

        -- Timeline of Yuexiu Financial Holdings in 2016

        In January, China Securities Regulatory Commission approved Guangzhou Friendship to privately issue shares to acquire Yuexiu Financial Holdings

        In July, Guangzhou Friendship Group Corporation Limited was renamed Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

        In August, the listed securities company’s stock name was renamed Yuexiu Financial Holdings, and then Yuexiu Financial Holdings became the first domestic listed local financial holding platform in China.

        In August, Yuexiu Financial Holdings announced the interim results of 2016. The results of financial business were included into the listed company’s consolidated financial statements for the first time. The Company’s assets size and profitability significantly increased.

        In September, Guangzhou Securities sponsored and  renamed Long Lions Basketball Club, increasing the brand awareness of Guangzhou Securities, promoting the business layout of Guangzhou Securities across China.

        In December, Yuexiu Financial Holdings was approved to take the lead to establish the second local asset management company in Guangdong Province

        In December, Yuexiu Financial Holdings announced the important assets reorganization project valued over RMB10 billion Yuan, speeding up the establishment of the first listed local financial holding platform in China that takes securities as the core.

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