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        On the morning of April 25, 2017, Ge Wei, Chairman, Secretary of the Party Committee and CEO of China Fortune Media Group, and Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of China Securities Journal Limited Company, and his delegation visited Yuexiu Financial Holdings. Both parties exchanged ideas on deeper cooperation. Wang Shuhui, Chairman and General Management of Yuexiu Financial Holdings and Xie Xiling, GM Assistant attended the meeting. The two parties signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement after the meeting.


        Chairman Ge Wei introduced China Fortune Media Group, and extended his appreciation to the rapid development of Yuexiu Financial Holdings. He was confident about the prospect of cooperation between the two sides, willing to work with Yuexiu Financial Holdings closely and make progress together.

        Chairman Wang Shuhui welcomed Chairman Ge Wei and his delegation, and introduced in detail the development history and achievements of Yuexiu Financial Holdings since its establishment in 2012. He also extended his wish for deeper cooperation with China Fortune Media Group.

        On the signing ceremony, Chairman Wang Shuhui and Chairman Ge Wei signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of their own party. Consensus has been reached to support each other’s development and explore new areas of cooperation as far as possible, to provide the most favorable conditions and treatment for bilateral cooperation so as to form new development advantages, to create conditions conductive to cooperation between each other’s subsidiaries and to explore actively cooperation in fields such as privately offered fund, investment, merger and acquisition.

        Through cooperation with China Fortune Media Group, Yuexiu Finance Holdings will build a cooperation platform with mainstream and professional media, increase the brand value of Yuexiu Finance Holdings, and transform the brand into a value-based one. With the abundant resources of the listed company China Fortune Media Group, Yuexiu Finance can expand and integrate the resources of clients of listed companies and government platform on a larger scale,  expand client pool and lay a more solid foundation for the development of its subsidiaries. 

        China Fortune Media Group, founded in January 2017, is a media group of modern finance and economics approved by the State Council and the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC. Members of the Group include China Securities Journal, Shanghai Securities News, Economic Information Daily, Xinhua Publishing House, China Fortune and Huaxin Financing Holdings Asset Management (Preparatory). Depending on new technologies such as the internet, cloud computing and big data, the Group is committed to building an integrated media platform, transforming traditional media to omnimedia and convergence media, and providing efficient and convenient economic information services. Rooted in and serving the capital market, the Group also dedicates to developing businesses such as consultancy agency, training, convention and exhibition, and investment and financing, so as to extend industrial chain and target comprehensive businesses.


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