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         On August 27th, a voluntary delegation of FGF Messengers visited Yuexiu Group and talked with its leaders, so as to learn about the development of financial industry of Yuexiu Group and appreciate the unique and strong contribution of financial industry to urban development.

        FGF Messengers are photographed with leaders of Yuexiu Group. [Photo:Wu Jiawei/Xinhua]

        Over 100 people participated in the event, including: Zhu Xiaoyi, deputy minister of the Publicity Department ofCPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, and office director of Executive Committee of the 2017 GuangzhouFortuneGlobal Forum; Sun Zhu, deputy secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and general coordinator of Voluntary Service Team of Executive Committee of the 2017 GuangzhouFortuneGlobal Forum; Jiang Yongzhong, deputy minister of the Publicity Department of CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee; Wang Shuhui, deputy director of the Management Committee of Guangzhou Yuexiu Holdings Limited, chairman of the Board of Directors and general manager of Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Holdings Group Inc.; a voluntary delegation of FGF Messengers and parent representatives.

        FGF Messengers are visiting the exhibition hall of Yuexiu Group. [Photo:Wu Jiawei/Xinhua]

        According to Wang Shuhui, since its establishment, Yuexiu Group has been playing the role of a city builder, developing and constructing many buildings, commercial centers and landmarks that are significant in turning Guangzhou into an international metropolis. In recent years, Yuexiu Group has been keeping pace with the times, and developing vigorously financial industry. It has established many business platforms including banking, securities, financial leasing, asset management and industrial fund, and formed a comprehensive financial holding development pattern of “cross-border operation and nationwide expansion”. Upholding the idea that finance should serve the real economy, the Group has been promoting the development of urban construction and the real economy in Guangzhou. Looking to the future, Yuexiu Group will take finance as a bridge, promote vigorously technological innovation, industrial upgrade and the implementation of “IAB” project in Guangzhou, and make more contribution for the new round of urban development in Guangzhou.

        Chairman Wang Shuhui is making a speech. [Photo:Wu Jiawei/Xinhua]

        Zhu Xiaoyi said in his speech that, the financial sector of Yuexiu Group had developed rapidly in recent years and became the representation of financial industry in Guangzhou. Yuexiu Group has made full preparation for this event, so that most citizens can know more about the global high-end economic forum - theFortuneGlobal Forum and the financial industry, making the forum warmer, more down to earth and more appealing. In December, Yuexiu Group will hold a financial round table in the 2017 GuangzhouFortuneGlobal Forum. Zhu Xiaoyi expressed his hope that as representation of financial industry in Guangzhou, Yuexiu Group and Yuexiu Financial Holdings can seize the opportunity to deliver the voice of financial enterprises in China and Guangzhou to the whole world, and show the unique charm of financial enterprises in Guangzhou.

        Deputy Minister Zhu Xiaoyi is making a speech. [Photo:Wu Jiawei/Xinhua]

        During the event, FGF messengers delivered an invitation letter to Yuexiu Group, sincerely inviting the Group to attend theFortuneGlobal Forum and show the value of financial industry in promoting urban development in Guangzhou. After that, on behalf of Yuexiu Group, Xie Xiling, general manager assistant of Yuexiu Financial Holdings presented a special gift for the 2017 GuangzhouFortuneGlobal Forum.

        Xie Xiling, general manager assistant of Yuexiu Financial Holdings, presents a special gift for 2017 GuangzhouFortuneGlobal Forum.


        During the interaction session, a young messenger invited Su Liangyu, vice general manager of Yuexiu Financial Holdings, and other experts to share the mode of combining emerging industries and finance and their strategic layout and experience in supporting real economy. Zhang Lei, general manager of Yuexiu Financial Leasing, a subsidiary of Yuexiu Financial Holdings, answered that Yuexiu Financial Leasing had invested over 10 billion RMB in Guangdong Province in the recent 5 years, and had supported mainly Guangzhou Metro, Yudean Group, GWQM and other enterprises. Wang Aihua from Yuexiu Industrial Fund also responded that, by far Yuexiu Industrial Fund had invested in over 50 enterprises, many of which had already been listed on the A-share market or New Third Board. Meanwhile, Yuexiu Industrial Fund also takes the lead to establish an urban renewal fund of 200 billion RMB, so as to give play to the leading and demonstrating effect of stated-owned capital in investing in urban renewal. Cai Xiaoxiang from Guangzhou Securities introduced that, rooted in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Securities was one of the pioneering securities companies in China. Guangzhou Securities has provided listing, recommendation and guarantee services for enterprises in Guangzhou, including Guangzhou Grandbuy Co.,Ltd., Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd. Other topics such as “how Yuexiu Group realizes its core value of beyond excellence”, “how finance boosts urban development”, “how to manage pocket money” were discussed in the event.

        Su Liangyu, vice general manager of Yuexiu Financial Holdings, hosts the discussion. [Photo:Wu Jiawei/Xinhua]

        An FGF messenger is raising a question. [Photo:Wu Jiawei/Xinhua]

        It is learned that this is the third offline event to visit leading enterprises for FGF messengers, and is also among the series of activities of 100 days countdown for the 2017 GuangzhouFortuneGlobal Forum.


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